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Plastic or Brass Signage


We can cut our plastic or brass plates to any size you want. All laser engraving and artwork set up is included in price. The following prices are for our plastic signage stock and our brass plate stock.


Quantity of signs. For total square inches less than 25".
1-2 3-9 10-24 25+
$.70 $.50 $.40 $.35
Add $2.00 to each sign.
Quantity of signs. For total square inches over 25".
1-2 3-9 10-24 25+
$.45 $.35 $.30 $.25
Add $2.00 to each sign.
How to use chart: You want ten 2"x8" plastic signs, that equals 16 square inches per sign. Get you price from the under 25" chart and under the 10-24 quantity. 16" x .40=$6.40 plus $2.00 for each sign. The total price for each sign is $8.40
These prices are also for our gold brass plates or black brass plates.


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